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The state legislature created counties and cities and gave them specific duties of governance. Lately, a few cities in Tennessee have passed local ordinances that are contrary to state law and outside their authority.Should the state withhold funds from cities who implement ordinances that go against state law?
Currently, electric cars pay no “user fee” for road usage due to non-gas usage (the gas tax is the only source for road construction and maintenance in TN).Should Tennessee require a registration fee for electric cars and dedicate it to road construction?
President-elect Trump has signaled that he may send healthcare dollars back to Tennessee in the form of block grants, meaning our state will be responsible for maintaining and running our healthcare policies without as much reliance on the federal government.Should Tennessee ask for and participate in block granting federal dollars back to us in order to run these healthcare programs?
Several states are suing the U.S. Department of Justice based on their decision forcing local schools to allow transgender students the ability to use the bathroom, locker room, and shower of the gender they identify with instead of the gender they were born with.Should Tennessee join this lawsuit to stop this federal government dictate?
Should marijuana go through the same rigorous testing as other drugs before being approved for medical use in Tennessee?
What is your opinion of the right to carry weapons in Tennessee:
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I support open carry; any law abiding citizen has a right to openly carry their weapon without a permit.
I support concealed carry; any law abiding citizen can carry their weapon CONCEALED without a permit.
I support the permitting process; any law abiding citizen can carry their weapon concealed as long as they go through the permit process.
I support current gun laws being scaled back; law abiding citizens should only keep their weapon in their home or car only.
Gov. Haslam unveiled his “IMPROVE Act” — a plan which raises the gas and diesel tax to help cut down on the $6 billion backlog of road projects across the state and fund future road projects. The plan also cuts taxes in other areas of government.Select the option that best describes your feelings toward the proposed plan.
AgreeDisagreeI'm unsure
Raise the current gas tax by 7 cents.
Raise the diesel tax by 12 cents.
Increase vehicle registration between $5 and $20, depending on vehicle type.
Implement a $100 fee on electric cars.
Implement an additional 3% charge for rental cars.
Cut the sales tax on groceries by .5%.
Cut the franchise and excise tax for businesses.
Cut the Hall income tax by 1.5%.
Sales tax is one of Tennessee’s main sources of revenue. Many out of state companies sell into Tennessee, but do not collect the sales tax due to the state.What is your opinion on the stance Tennessee should take on this issue?
AgreeDisagreeI'm unsure
The General Assembly should not ask out of state companies to collect sales tax.
The state should collect this tax, but concurrently cut the sales tax on food.
The state should collect this money from out of state companies and spend more on education, health care, and other state government functions.
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