In Glen’s Words

105th Legislative Composite“I have always looked at elected office as a way to serve my community, beginning with my days in high school where I served in student government. In 1994, I was elected to the County Commission in Williamson County. In 2001, with the income tax debate in full swing, I decided it was time for me to step up and serve Williamson County in the State Legislature.

One of my most memorable moments was the night of the income tax vote. I was there when the “vote” was held open on the House floor for over one hour. I was a proud NO vote on the income tax and voted against one penny increase in sales tax. I think a better option to a tax increase would have been to cut spending.

Other Key features of my legislative principles include the support of Right to Life in every possible way, and striving to be responsive to the concerns and requests of my constituents. When we are successful in securing Republican majority in the House and keeping the Republican Majority in the Senate, in the 2008 elections, greater legislative strides for Conservative issues will be successful.”