edu_largeDue to many recent reforms in Tennessee’s education system, our state’s schools have seen a remarkable jump in their national standing.  Last year, Tennessee schools leapt from being consistently ranked in the bottom ten schools in the country to the mid-thirties, making it the fastest improving state in the nation.  However, our state must ensure that these recent gains in education are maintained and enhanced.  As a parent, Rep. Casada understands the need to reinvigorate our educational system and equip our students with the academic tools and training they require to be competitive in today’s job market.  Ensuring that Tennessee’s students graduate high school adequately prepared for college and a fulfilling career must be a top priority, and in doing so the focus must be on improving student outcomes.

Rep. Casada is committed to enacting conservative, fiscally prudent educational solutions to give every student access to quality educators and every parent greater choice in their child’s education.

  • Preserve and protect Williamson County’s fair share of school funding
  • Encourage a competitive environment amongst our education systems by giving students and parents in underperforming schools the option for school choice
  • Empower parents and teachers with a greater voice in determining curriculum and evaluating instructional materials
  • Incentivize school administrators by rewarding top-performing systems