obamacareOver the past few years, Tennesseans have seen the costs of their health insurance premiums skyrocket.  Seniors are having a harder time paying for the care and medications they need, and people everywhere are being forced to accept these higher costs as Obamacare threatens to destroy our country’s entire health care system.  What Tennesseans need is not another government mandate or take-over of health care, but rather a vast reduction in health care costs, making medical treatment more accessible and affordable again.  In order to shrink the cost of health care, government must cease its meddling in the health care industry, and the relationship between doctor and patient must be restored free from the hindering interference of frivolous lawsuits.

Rep. Casada has consistently led the charge against the implementation of Obamacare in Tennessee and will continue to support competitive, marked-based solutions to lower medical costs and make healthcare affordable again.

  • Defend Tennesseans against Obamacare and protect each patient’s right to choose the level of health care that is best for them, regardless of any government mandate
  • Oppose any attempts at a costly Medicaid expansion under Obamacare
  • Crack down on frivolous lawsuits and further implement Tort Reform
  • Relieve doctors of needless government regulations so they can give their patients quality, individualized care without having to practice “defensive medicine”