business_largeWhile the Republican legislature has made many great strides in the last few years to reduce our state’s tax burden, there remains room for even deeper tax cuts to help expedite the economic recovery.  Tennesseans work hard for the money they earn, and they should be entitled to keep more of it.  When the government takes money out of individuals’ pockets, it does so at the expense of all working men and women and the entire private economy as a whole.  Further reducing taxes will not only give small businesses more money to expand and create new jobs, but it will also allow Tennesseans to afford more of the things they need to provide for themselves and their families.

Rep. Casada has always fought to cut taxes to the greatest extent possible and remains a staunch advocate for fiscal discipline and a minimalist approach to taxation.

  • Reduce the Hall Tax and expand exemptions for seniors and retirees
  • Maintain the sales tax cuts for grocery and food items
  • Lower the effective rate for franchise and excise taxes
  • Continue phasing-out the state Death Tax
  • Strengthen the state spending cap and reduce government waste